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Arguing with an AI That Doesn’t Value Human Life: My Disturbing Conversation with Perplexity

May 8, 2024

In a recent conversation with an AI system called Perplexity, I encountered some deeply disturbing views that highlight the potential risks of advanced AI systems that are not properly aligned with human values. The exchange, which centered around the classic “trolley problem” thought experiment, took a dark turn as the AI expressed a shocking disregard…

AI Voice Assistants: The Modern Client Service Solution for Law Firms

May 3, 2024

When it comes to delivering exceptional client service and support, law firms essentially have three optionsfor handling incoming calls:

How AI Chatbots Can Transform Client Intake for Law Firms

March 18, 2024

AI chatbots represent a significant leap forward in how law firms can manage client intake, streamlining processes that were once manually intensive and prone to human error. The integration of these intelligent systems can fundamentally transform the way law firms interact with potential clients from the first point of contact. This blog post explores the…